​​One-Stop Electronic Production Services

​We serve you with the following technological breakthroughs in our quality production processes;

​​We capture and apply world-class technology.  We listen, learn and implement the best ideas.  We are trying to improve and continue on this path.

​​Panasonic SMD Typesetting Lines

​  ​Lines: 2     Min/Max: 1005 / 3225 Package

​We continue our production non-stop with our Fully Automatic Panasonic SMD Typesetting Lines.  All processes
fully ESD
environments, in accordance with IPC standards and quality
within the framework of our standards
is done by monitoring.

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3D AOI ve 2D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)​

​  3D IO: 1     2D IO: 1

​We use Automatic Optical Inspection, or AOI machines for short, for quality control and error inspection of electronic printed circuit boards with cameras, lighting systems and automatic image processing software.

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​​Selective Soldering Machine

​  ​Fully Automatic Soldering System

​​Wave Soldering performs very fast soldering, but high temperatures come into contact with the parts of some sensitive circuit elements. With this process we may run the risk of damaging the component. Selective soldering eliminates these conditions.

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​​Electronic Circuit Washing Machine

​  ​Multiple Washing Capacity at the Same Time: 45 Products (±5)

​​The health of our staff is always at the forefront for us. Electronic Circuit Board Washing Machine provides maximum cleaning performance.

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​​Wave Solder Pot

​​  ​​Wave Solder Pot

​Wave Soldering makes soldering very fast. It is preferred for mass production. However, high temperatures come into contact with the parts where some sensitive circuit elements are located. We may run the risk of damaging the component with this process.

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​​4 Axis Robotic Soldering Machine

​  ​4 Axis: (X,Y,Z,R)

​​Soldering Robot provides the best solution for soldering work on PCBs and high thermal capacity components that distribute heat evenly, whether leaded or lead-free.  It is suitable for all kinds of demanding soldering jobs and micro soldering processes.  Effectively improves soldering quality and consistency.

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​​“Quality First, Customer First”

Karizma Electronic; ​is a leading electronics assembly company with 24 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.  It offers Turnkey electronic circuit assembly, Cable Grouping and Component supply services.

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